Printed Sensor Systems

InFlect™ Systems from the Ground Up

Brewer Science is changing how environmental and process data is captured, transmitted, and analyzed using custom-designed printed electronics systems. These integrated systems focus primarily on the monitoring of equipment, emissions, and the environment.

Why Brewer Science Printed Systems?

Brewer Science printed electronics systems are fully developed in-house from the ground up. Using a customized approach, our printed electronics systems ensure a seamless integration experience with the end product. Our customers receive the following unique features when working with us:

  • Material and ink design to meet your specific application needs
  • Custom sensor design for your specific final product needs
  • A private and secure firmware package to meet your data gathering needs
  • A software interface designed to manage your data the way you want it managed

Over the last ten years, Brewer Science has made heavy investments into printed electronic systems. Starting from the ground up with our advanced materials and inks division at the Jordan Valley Innovation Center, we then moved into designing and developing our own printed sensors. After advancing these discrete sensors into the commercially ready devices we currently offer, we once again pushed further downstream to design and develop customized, integratable systems for our customers.

Our devices and electronics can be inserted into virtually any point in the supply chain, providing custom solutions to multiple use-cases. InFlect™ sensors are designed into the system, bringing clarity, control, and cost efficiency to environments and processes that were previously unmonitored.

Benefits of Printed Sensors

  • Energy efficient
  • Flexible design & form factor
  • Improved cost of ownership
  • Real-time process management


Industrial Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring