Environmental Monitoring

through Brewer Science Sensor Solutions

Brewer Science is proud to offer an extensive program dedicated to exploring new realms of sensor performance – environmental monitoring. With decades of material science expertise, Brewer Science sensor solutions are designed to provide detailed, reliable data on key environmental parameters in a wide variety of applications.


  • Air (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Quality Monitoring, Residential
  • Water Monitoring (Ground, Surface, Water Supply & Industrial)


  • Flex
  • VOC
  • Humidity
  • Ion
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Waste Water


Why Brewer Science Printed Sensors for Environmental Monitoring?

Brewer Science provides environmental monitoring for printed sensors to help your organization gather and optimize data that can increase safety, efficiency and performance of new and existing systems.

We utilize unique materials to create innovative application-specific printed sensors, allowing our device systems to provide accurate, ubiquitous monitoring. Brewer Science® InFlect™ printed sensors are reliable, low power, light weight and have flexible form factor. Customized electronics, seamless integration capabilities, and advanced software algorithms enable our systems to deliver real-time, actionable insight for the user.

Benefits of Brewer Science Printed Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

  • Printed on flexible substrates to enable effortless integration on unique form factors
  • Differentiated customer experience via device customization & service support
  • Rapid detection of infrastructure failure and releases of hazardous products enable risk-informed management decisions
  • Provide systems of devices that can be integrated in almost any location to map diverse, real-time conditions