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Service Capabilities

Service Capabilities

As a leader in the semiconductor materials business, and to take on the task of growing the printed electronics industry from the ground up, we have developed a wide range of technology capabilities that we are proud to offer as services. Combining our individual service capabilities with our printing capabilities, we are prepared to give you what you need to effectively and efficiently design, manufacture, and test flexible-hybrid electronics hardware and firmware that will deliver actionable information, better.

What We Offer

Printing Services

Electronics Printing Services

Screen printing

  • Up to 600-mm x 660-mm print area
  • Minimum line/space size 100 µm
  • Multi-layer, front and back printing available with optical layer alignment
  • Multiple substrate options available

Spray coating

  • Up to 300-mm x 300-mm spray area
  • Minimum feature size 500 µm x 500 µm

Inkjet printing – [Coming Soon!]

Hardware Services

Hardware Services

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) and flexible-hybrid electronics (FHE) integration
  • Electrical computer-aided design (CAD) schematic and PCB design for multi-layer boards
  • Product & process automation
  • Communication & firmware development
Other Services

Other Services

  • CAD schematic capture
  • PCB layout
  • Laser cutting and engraving
  • System assembly
  • Data transport, storage & analysis
  • Data presentation/integration

Why Brewer Science Services?

Brewer Science at its core is a company “Of the people, by the technology, for the customer” and it has been true to the customers’ needs and expectations for four decades, providing one-of-a-kind customer service to all of its customers since day one.

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