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Temperature Sensor Arrays for FHE Applications
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Temperature Sensor Arrays for FHE ApplicationsRTD Array

Brewer Science can deliver highly sensitive, printed, metal temperature sensors for precise measurement of temperature on large areas and array applications.

Temperature sensors can be used in a wide array of applications, enabling accurate, real-time responses to small changes in temperature. Our sensors provide full digital output with an onboard microcontroller for signal processing, have a flexible form factor, and can measure absolute temperature to within 1˚C.

What Are RTDs?

Resistive temperature detectors (RTDs) are devices that use resistance to show significant changes in temperature. These devices measure temperature by passing a low-level current through electrodes and measuring voltage drop across them.

Why FHE Temperature Arrays?

Flexible hybrid electronic (FHE) temperature arrays enhance many different applications and markets. Typically, users look for printed FHE systems when looking to measure temperature in confined spaces with narrow areas where typical silicon sensors can’t fit. FHE arrays are key for measuring multi-point surface temperature.

RTD Array

Benefits of FHE Temperature Arrays

Potential Applications

  • Industrial tool optimization
  • Monitoring of electronic components
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Consumer applications
  • Batteries, displays, LEDs
  • Power supply
  • Electrical and hybrid vehicle batteries
  • Thermal mapping and imaging

Specification Performance

Parameters Performance
Resistance Value (at 25 ̊C) 300 ± 10%Ω
Accuracy: (-20˚C to +100˚C)** 0.6˚C
Accuracy: (-40˚C to +120˚C)** 0.8˚C
Operating Temperature -40˚C to 120˚C

*Temperature sensors with higher operating temperature range (-50˚C, 250˚C) are also available

**When cycled from ambient to maximum temperature for a maximum 10 hours. We have found in our review of NIST standards for temperature sensors, drift at the upper temperature limit for an extended time (typically > 10 hours)

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Printed Temperature Sensors