Permanent Bonding Materials

PermaSOL® Materials
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PermaSOL® Materials

PermaSOL® materials address a range of needs identified for permanent bonding applications, which include low-temperature bonding, excellent chemical resistance, thermally curable bonding process and no material movement after the bonding process.

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Permanent Bonding - Circuits

Advantages of Permanent Materials:

  • Adhesive for permanent applications
  • Target thickness range 1-20 µm
  • Low dielectric constant
  • High chemical resistance
  • High adhesion to various substrates
  • Room-temperature bonding
  • No squeeze-out or material movement after cure
  • Thermally cured system

Key Marketing Drivers Enhanced by Permanent Bonding:

  • MEMS devices including glass frit and anodic bonding technologies in order to achieve good hermeticity to protect the MEMS sensor
  • LED devices requiring metal bonding (eutectic and thermo-compression bonding) to meet higher performance in terms of light extraction
  • CMOS image sensors for direct bonding & adhesive bonding
  • SOI substrate manufacturing supporting the fusion bonding technology
  • 3D integration utilizing thermo-compression bonding (TCB)

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What are Permanent Bonding Materials?

Permanent bonding materials are adhesives used to assemble IC logic chips, memory chips, image sensor devices, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices that go into high-density heterogeneously integrated packages. These high-density, ultra-thin electronic packages are needed for artificial intelligence (AI) in high-performance computers, data centers, 5G, and high-end mobile products.

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Permanent Bonding Materials