Wafer-Level Packaging Category

Permanent Bonding Materials

WaferBOND® HT-10.11 Material

BrewerBUILD™ Material Series

The introduction of BrewerBUILD™ Material offers an industry wide multifunctional solution addressing the challenges associated with redistribution layer (RDL)-first/Chip-last packaging in wafer- or p

BrewerBOND® T1100/C1300 Series Materials

BrewerBOND® T1100/C1300 Series Materials enable our unique Dual-Layer solution for high-temperature and high-stress applications found within the semiconductor industry.

Packaging Solutions

BrewerBOND® 530 Material

BrewerBOND® 530 mechanical debonding release material offers additional choices for stronger adhesions necessary for high stress/high temperature temporary bonding applications.

BrewerBOND® 510 Material

Temporary wafer bonding release material for mechanical debonding applications

BrewerBOND® 701 Material

This UV laser release material was designed to benefit a variety of temporary bonding, debonding market applications including chip-first/chip-last and RDL-first FOWLP processes.

BrewerBOND® 305 Material

​BrewerBOND® 305 temporary wafer bonding material is an organic coating that enables back-end-of-line (BEOL) processing of ultrathin wafers using standard semiconductor equipment.