BrewerBOND® 305

Bonding Material for Mechanical and Laser Release
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BrewerBOND® 305 Material

BrewerBOND® 305 series temporary wafer bonding materials are organic coatings that enable back-end-of-line (BEOL) processing of ultrathin wafers using standard semiconductor equipment. This product series improves throughput, simplifies cleaning, and shortens processing time.

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Key Market Sectors

  • 3-D wafer-level packaging
  • MEMS
  • Compound semiconductor

BrewerBOND® 305 series materials are organic temporary bonding materials that improve throughput, simplify cleaning, and shorten processing time. The materials are stable in back-end-of-line processing up to 300°C (depending on downstream process parameters). Debonding is efficient and can be done in two ways when paired with an appropriate release material. The first method is laser debonding with no force (utilizing BrewerBOND® 701 material). The second method is mechanical debonding at room temperature with low force (utilizing either BrewerBOND® 510 or BrewerBOND® 530 material). This debonding versatility makes BrewerBOND® 305 series materials a great option for many different wafer-processing needs.

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BrewerBOND® 305