Protective Coatings

Need protection from scratches, etches, and chipping? Brewer Science has developed a series of proven technologies so you don’t have to worry about causing surface or edge imperfections. From our ProTEK® material series to our EdgeWRAP system, our protective technologies provide a solid solution for any process.

Abrasions can easily make their way onto a surface and the edge of a wafer is prone to thinning and chipping, which is why we have you covered. Don't go another day unprotected. Contact Brewer Science to find the peace of mind you been looking for.

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Selective Surface Modification

ProTEK® B3 Coatings

ProTEK® B3 coatings thin films are spin-applied polymeric coating systems that provide temporary wet-etch protection for CMOS MEMS circuitry during alkaline or acid etches.