ProTEK® B3 Coatings

Alkaline protective coating

ProTEK® B3 coatings thin films are spin-applied polymeric coating systems that provide temporary wet-etch protection for CMOS MEMS circuitry during alkaline or acid etches. ProTEK® B materials offer protection from alkaline solutions such as KOH and TMAH for extended bath etches.


With ProTEK® B3 coatings, you can:

  • Protect delicate front-side circuitry during back-side bulk micro machining
  • Increase yield by minimizing front side damage caused by alkaline etch solution punch through during wet etch
  • Improve throughput by reducing labor and process time associated with mechanical clamps and increasing the number of wafers per etch bath

Apply ProTEK® B3 coating instead of mechanical clamps to:

  • Protect CMOS circuitry or MEMS structures
  • Create SiN membranes last
  • Create through-silicon vias (TSVs)