BrewerBOND® 530 Material

Mechanical Debonding Release Material
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The BrewerBOND® 530 mechanical debonding release material offers the additional adhesion necessary for high-stress temporary bonding applications.

Mechanical Release Layer Compatibility

BrewerBOND® 530 material is most compatible with the following Brewer Science bonding materials:

BrewerBOND® 530 material is a mechanical debonding release material that has been specifically designed for maximum performance with all of the temporary adhesives utilized for mechanical release. It is compatible with all external equipment manufacturers and mechanical release systems.

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Market Sectors

  • 3DIC
  • Power

Why BrewerBOND® 530 material?

BrewerBOND® 530 material offers to our customers and partners the capability of easy rework/reuse of carrier wafers as it is solvent removable.


Mechanical Debonding Release Material Benefits

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BrewerBOND® 530 Material