ProTEK® PSB Coatings

Photosensitive protective coating

ProTEK® PSB coating is a spin-on replacement for silicon nitride or silicon oxide wet etch masks.


With ProTEK® PSB coating, you can:

  • Apply an etch mask over CMOS structures due to low process temperatures
  • Reduce processing time because pattern transfer by dry etch is not required as it is with silicon nitride
  • Achieve higher throughput by using batch processing instead of a single-wafer DRIE process

Brewer Science® ProTEK® PSB coating is used in the creation of inverse pyramidal pits as discussed in SUN Microsystems' technical paper, "Active Demonstration of a Passively Self-Aligned, Multi-Chip Package using Proximity Communication in a Switching Fabric" presented at the 42nd Annual International Symposium on Microelectronics - IMAPS 2009, San Jose, December 1-5, 2009.