Environmental Milestones

1998Fuel Blending Began

2002Mini-bin Program Began

2002Community Recycling Events Began

2015Alerion (Solvent Reuse by 3rd Party) Began

2016Received GreenCircle Certification for the First Time

2017Purchased Renewable Energy Credits

2019Launched Green Chemistry Program


Fuel Blending Began


Mini-bin Program Began


Community Recycling Events Began


Covanta Compactor Installed


Alerion (Solvent Reuse by 3rd Party) Began


Received GreenCircle Certification for the First Time


Purchased Renewable Energy Credits


Launched Green Chemistry Program

Going Green

Becoming a company that lives and breathes environmental sustainability doesn’t happen overnight. Brewer Science began its first fuel-blending program over 20 years ago. Since then, Brewer Science has been creating new programs inside and outside the company to help promote sustainability.

tons of household weight collected
tons of waste materials prevented from winding up in a landfill
trees were saved in 2018
lbs of solvent waste was diverted from hazardous waste

Becoming GreenCircle Certified: Zero Waste to Landfill

Despite already being a very green-centric company, becoming GreenCircle Certified: Zero Waste to Landfill didn’t come quite as easily as most would have suspected. Although we had many practices in place, it took some time to hit the 100% Zero Waste to Landfill mark. The process put forth by GreenCircle was very challenging but rewarding at the same time. Below are some of the key steps everyone should be aware of when trying to achieve such an achievement:

  • Audit your suppliers
  • Audit all waste streams
  • Consider environmental return on investment (eROI) versus economic return on investment ($ROI)
  • Establish accurate, easy to use units of measure (how do I quantify pallets; each, truckload, pounds?)
  • Always consider “reduce, reuse, recycle” before waste-to-energy

Being GreenCircle Certified hasn’t just had an impact on our environment but also our relationships with our customers. We have done webinars and training sessions for our customers and their other suppliers to help promote not only the environment, but also the quality of materials we are producing.

Waste Diversion from Landfill Certification Disposal Methods
Method of Disposal % of Total Materials
Recycle 11.86%
Waste-to-Energy 5.60%
Fuel Blending 37.08%
Metals Recovery 0.06%
Water Treatment 0.19%
Beneficial Reuse 39.80%
Reuse 5.41%
Total 100.00%
100% Diversion of Solid Waste – Since 2016
Over 900,000 pounds of community waste collected in the last 12 years

Health, Safety, Security, & Environment

Brewer Science recognizes its responsibility to conserve natural resources while providing safe, secure, and environmentally responsible solutions for customers throughout the world. Formerly known as the HSSE report, the Corporate Sustainability Report shares our health, safety, security, and environmental programs and performance metrics, as well as a look into our company and our people. Our Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Team implements and maintains systems that support the company’s sustainability policy and goals. Internal Safety, Security, and Environmental Departments participate with and assist by educating employees and the local community about improved waste management and environmental practices.

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CSR 2020
Click the above image to download the
2020 Corporate Sustainability Report

Geothermal @ Brewer Brewer Science

In 2015 Brewer Science opened its new manufacturing facility in Vichy, Missouri. The building features a closed-looped geothermal HVAC design that provides a portion of heating and cooling to the building. Thirty-six vertical wells approximately 375 feet deep provide a sustainable source of heating and cooling the office, shipping warehouse, QC clean room, and production shell space.

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Geothermal Graphic