Committed to Quality

Delivering Materials with Zero Defects

A Global Leader

Brewer Science is a global leader in developing and manufacturing advanced materials and monitoring systems for the reliable fabrication of cutting-edge micro-devices. This is only possible because of our commitment to delivering materials and solutions right the first time with zero defects.


Zero Defects

Brewer Science’s Mission

The mission of Brewer Science is to be a company of the people, by the technology, for the customer, to achieve fulfillment. We live by this in everything we do and reflect our commitment to our Zero Defects Program. “Zero Defects is how we approach our jobs and how we move forward in our continuous improvement efforts. It’s all about our employees and their desire to be better today than they were yesterday. Zero Defects is not simply a company initiative, it’s a mindset,” says Tom Brown, Executive Director of Manufacturing, Quality, and Logistics.

Brewer Science’s Mission and Culture

Of the People

Every member of our team focuses on helping our customers reach their technology goals through our results-oriented approach to problem-solving. Our customers’ long-term success is key to our success. We pride ourselves in exceeding their expectations with personalized care, flawless service, and commitment to win-win relationships. Zero Defects defines our mindset as we work to improve our employees’ lives, our community, and our environment.

As a team, we are all committed to being leaders in our industry and returning to the world more than we take. We work to grow our employees both personally and professionally, encouraging career development and community service to ensure excellence in all we deliver. Read more about careers at Brewer Science and our community service.

Caring for the environment is an essential part of returning more to the world than we take. We’ve placed an emphasis on environmental initiatives by becoming GreenCircle certified.

Careers at Brewer Science

By the Technology

Dr. Terry Brewer’s discovery of anti-reflective coatings resulted in a revolution in the global microelectronics industry and ushered in today’s high-speed, lightweight electronic devices. Our focus continues to be on creating the most advanced and innovative materials, systems, and solutions.

We build quality into every stage of our processes to deliver consistent materials and methods to provide our customers solutions for the products needed today and in the future. We do this by:

  • Selecting raw materials from a supply chain that fosters continuous delivery of our unique chemistry perspectives and properties
  • Validating through enhanced metrology methods
  • Creating materials and solutions using world-class process engineering and chemistry optimization & final products

We are continually developing technologies and processes to reduce defects in our raw materials, partnering with our suppliers to share our knowledge and methods to deliver a better product to Brewer Science. These initiatives have given orders of magnitude reductions in our defect ratios, moving us further along our Zero Defects Program. In doing so, we also reduce our internal product failure rate, decrease waste, and ensure we deliver the right product the first time.

Advanced Manufacturing at Brewer Science

For the Customer

When our customers think of Brewer Science, they think of our trustworthiness and commitment to ­customers’ success. They know that we are working for them tirelessly and leading the way into the next generation, whether it be flawless service, enhanced materials, novel processes, or enabling zero defects.

We work diligently to build and strengthen our relationships with our customers so that we can deepen our alignment, leading to both parties’ success. “We collaborate with our customers and suppliers, bringing world class people and technology together to achieve the best possible solutions, but also to go beyond this, collaborating on continuous improvement and further enabling outcomes,” says Paul Harris, Executive Director of Global Sales & Marketing.

Our customers recognize our complete commitment to their success. Intel and ON Semiconductor have previously awarded Brewer Science for our exceptional quality as a supplier.

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