BrewerBOND® 230

Temporary Bonding Materials

BrewerBOND® 230 temporary wafer bonding material is an organic coating that enables back-end-of-line (BEOL) processing of ultrathin wafers using standard semiconductor equipment. This product improves throughput, simplifies cleaning, and shortens processing time.

Thermal Release Illustration

Key Market Sectors

  • 3-D wafer-level packaging
  • MEMS

BrewerBOND® 230 Material vs. Wax

WaxBrewerBOND® 230 Material
Thickness Range~ 10 – 35 µm
20 µm – 150 µm
Coating Throughput
Requires multiple coatsSingle-coat process
Bonding Temperature Range
95ºC - 110ºC100ºC – 130ºC
Debonding Temperature Range
95ºC - 110ºC
150ºC – 200ºC
Thermal Stability Temperature Range
< 120ºC≤ 250ºC

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BrewerBOND® 230 material is an organic coating for temporary wafer bonding for MEMS and 3-D wafer-level packaging applications. BrewerBOND® 230 material enables thinning and backside processing through effective bonding and subsequent thermal slide debonding. The material has been developed for use in through-silicon via creation, finishing, and redistribution layer completion in processes up to 220°C.


  • Low-stress material for high-stress applications
  • Broader thickness range in a single coat: up to ~110µm
  • Broad temperature range for thermal separation: 150°C to 200°C
  • Survives standard back-end-of-line thermal processing