Our History

Dr. Terry Brewer’s discovery of anti-reflective coatings resulted in a revolution in the global microelectronics industry and ushered in today’s high-speed, lightweight electronic devices. Under Dr. Brewer’s leadership, Brewer Science has grown to be a global leader in developing and manufacturing advanced materials and equipment for the reliable fabrication of cutting-edge microdevices used in electronics such as tablet computers, smartphones, digital cameras, televisions, and LED lighting.

Our Culture

The employees of Brewer Science are committed to an environment that fosters innovation, diversity, and professional development. Every member of our team is focused on helping our customers reach their technology goals through our results-oriented approach to problem solving. Our customers’ long-term success is important to us, and we pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations with our personalized care and commitment.

Our Values

At Brewer Science, we value our employees above all else. Our core values— Trust & Integrity, Freedom with Accountability, Win-Win & Mutual Respect, Driven to Deliver, Curiosity & Creativity, and Courage —help create a unique environment that fosters creativity and innovation. Within our organization, we believe that freedom, combined with clear objectives and commitment to growth, will bring about the biggest innovations. Internally and externally, we believe in open communication in order to build a foundation of trust.

Our Brand

“The hawk represents something more dynamic and intangible than the hawk itself.” —Dr. Terry Brewer, President/CEO

Our brand personality is directly linked to our core values. The intangible elements that the hawk symbolizes—freedom, beauty, and harmony—make the hawk a visual representation of Brewer Science. When our customers think of Brewer Science, they think of our trustworthiness and commitment to our business. They know that we are working for them tirelessly and leading the way into the next generation. We are valued for our diversity and our belief that we are more than the sum of our parts. As a team, we are all committed to being leaders in our industry and for returning more to the world than we take.

A company of the people, by the technology, for the customer, to achieve fulfillment.

Brewer Science, Incorporated Opens

DBARC Product Introduced

Groundbreaking of 10,000-Square-Foot Building

1st Commercial i-line ARC® material Production Line Established

Cee® Equipment Introduced

1st U.S. Patent Issued: “Adhesion Promoters”

DARC® material patent issued

21,000-Square-Foot Plant Expansion

Brewer Science Limited, United Kingdom Office Opens

Brewer Science Establishes Four Divisional Centers

Semiconductor International Awards “Editor’s Choice, Best Product – ARC®

47,000-Square-Foot U.S. Plant Expansion

Brewer Science Celebrates its 20th Year in Operation

In-House Recycling Program Launches

Groundbreaking for 55,000-Square-Foot R&D Facility in U.S.

Best Cost-of-Ownership Product

Talon robotic processing tool was voted Best Cost-of-Ownership Product in the Wafer Processing Category of Solid State Technology’s

New Office Located in Shanghai, China

Brewer Science, Inc. achieves ISO9001:2000 Registration

Brewer Science Germany, Limited Established

Groundbreaking for Jordan Valley Innovation Center in Springfield, MO

Newly Renovated Jordan Valley Innovation Center, Springfield, MO, opens

Brewer Science Japan, G.K. opens

Brewer Science Limited moves to Darley Abbey Mills - Celebrating 20-Year Anniversary

Brewer Science will create an avenue of trees along the eastern approach to the Mills in Darley Abbey by planting 20 trees to mark its 20th anniversary.

Jordan Valley Innovation Center Celebrates 5-year anniversary

Ribbon Cutting at New High-Volume Manufacturing Facility

Ribbon-Cutting at JVIC

Brewer Science’s JVIC expansion adds 4,600 sq. ft. of space for Brewer Science’s research and advanced manufacturing operations for a total of 12,450 sq. ft. across two floors at the facility.

Brewer Science sponsors ‘The Perch’ at The eFactory

The eFactory, a Missouri State University program, is a technology-focused entrepreneurship center. Clients of The eFactory are provided with access to office space with flexible leases, business services and equipment, technology support, mentoring, and consulting.

Leadership Team

Barbara Picarelli

Chief Financial Officer

Barb came to Brewer Science in 2002 with experience in the finance, manufacturing, and insurance industries. She is a Certified Public Accountant from the Missouri State Board of Accountancy and holds a BA in Accounting from Maryville University, as well as a Chancellors Certificate of International Trade from the University of Missouri St. Louis and The World Trade Center. Barb started at Brewer Science as our Global Controller of the Finance Division and, in 2009, accepted the position of our Chief Financial Officer. She says that the people and culture at Brewer Science make it “exceptional and unique to any business environment I have experienced in the past.”

Dan Brewer

Executive Vice President, Corporate Resources Officer

After completing his graduate work in entomology, biology, and biochemistry, Dan joined Brewer Science in 1996. He currently serves as our Executive Vice President, Corporate Resources, including overseeing Finance, Human Resources, our Integrated Management System, and IT operations. The most exceptional part of Brewer Science, according to Dan, is “a culture of creativity that supports our mission to lead the industry through being a company of the people, by the technology, for the customer, to achieve fulfillment.”

Paul Harris

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Paul earned his BSc Hons degree in Applied Physics with Semiconductor Electronics in 1991 from Heriot-Watt University in the UK. Following graduation, Paul worked for a large conglomerate company and was based in various international locations. Paul has been in the semiconductor industry since 1998 and joined Brewer Science in 2004. Paul serves as our Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, which includes global customer service. Although he is based in the UK, he leads a talented and dedicated international team spanning from our HQ in Rolla, MO, USA to our regional centers in Asia and Europe. Paul believes "our customers are at the heart of everything we do and that our unique culture of openness and innovation allows everyone within Brewer Science to bring industry-defining products and enabling solutions to all our customers through our technology leadership."

Rama Puligadda

Chief Technical Officer

Rama Puligadda earned a Master of Science in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India (1990), a Master of Technology in Polymer Science and Technology from IIT Delhi, India (1992), and a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati (1995). Rama began her career at Brewer Science in 1995 as a Research Chemist. She has since led and managed several programs at Brewer Science including product development projects and collaborative work with partnering companies, universities, and research institutions. She now serves as the Chief Technical Officer, providing leadership for the design, development and engineering of innovative solutions for the semiconductor industry. “The fast pace of industry requires us to work in a non-sequential manner, with customers, partners, consortia, and co-vendors at the same time to be able to deliver multiple solutions. It is only going to get faster and more challenging,” says Rama. “I’m thankful to be part of this industry and the community and for the opportunity to give back. Working with so many fantastic people within and outside Brewer Science is extremely rewarding.”

Dr. Srikanth (Sri) Kommu

Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Srikanth (Sri) Kommu is a visionary leader who is very passionate about solving tough problems, adding significant value to our customers and making a positive change to the world. Dr. Kommu has over 20 years of stellar leadership experience in the semiconductor industry, and he currently serves as our Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer (COO). He started as a research scientist in 1996 and was most recently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Senior Vice President (SVP) at MEMC/SunEdison Semiconductor, before joining Brewer Science in 2017. As a CTO and SVP, Sri strategically defined and flawlessly executed highly differentiating product, capability, and cost roadmaps, exceeding customer expectations. He is serving as an Advisory Board member at Washington University since 2012 and worked at Intel and SUMCO earlier in his career. Sri completed his executive General Management Program (2009) from Harvard Business School, received his Doctorate (2001) and Masters (1996) degrees in Chemical Engineering from Washington University, and received his Bachelors (1994) degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. Sri says that the “highly talented people and the innovation-culture at Brewer Science provide the company its competitive advantage, and Brewer Science is better positioned than ever before to supply high-value products to our customers, enabling the growth of the semiconductor industry.”

Alexander Smith

Executive Director, Packaging Solutions & Business Growth and Diversification

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz (1997), Alex joined Pacific Pac, which sold to General Chemical, as a Lab Chemist. He transitioned to R&D and finally Applications Engineering, where he developed his passion and aptitude for working with people and solving problems. He joined Brewer Science in 2004, bringing with him expertise in applications development, adhesive materials, quality, and semiconductor processing to help facilitate and drive business development and revenue growth. In 2005, Alex completed his MBA with a Technology Management emphasis, which completed his “move to the dark side,” transitioning from a technical role to business and sales. In 2014, he became the Sales Director for North America and Europe, where he worked to exceed customer expectations, develop and execute strategic plans, support cross-functional teams, and deliver on cost roadmaps. Alex is now the Executive Director of Business Growth and Diversification and continues serving on the board of directors for CS MANTECH. Alex says, “Brewer Science is full of highly creative, personally accountable, motivated, and quality-focused people whose culture is that we make a difference in the world. Three areas that emphasize this are the B Corp, Zero Waste to Landfill, and Certified Employee-Owned certifications.”

Dr. Dan Sullivan

Executive Director, Semiconductor Business Growth & Diversification

Dan began his career at Brewer Science in 2004 after earning his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Michigan State University. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Semiconductor Business Growth & Diversification, leading a team of talented researchers focused on inventing new technologies that solve semiconductor industry-related challenges. His expertise in chemistry, advanced lithography, and process integration has enabled Brewer Science to add to an increasing portfolio of products and processes that advance the semiconductor industry.

Julie Ply

Executive Director, Global Quality

Julie is a graduate of the University of Missouri – Rolla (now Missouri University of Science and Technology) with a BS in Metallurgical Engineering. In 2014, she started her career in the semiconductor industry as a Senior Quality Engineer with Brewer Science. Prior to that, she spent over 25 years in automotive-related manufacturing, where she managed a variety of manufacturing departments and labs with an emphasis on process engineering and continuous improvement. During Julie’s years in automotive-related manufacturing, she co-authored several papers for SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and TMS (The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society). Julie is passionate about team building, empowerment, and identifying solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Her passion is why the drive to zero defects is an ideal focus for her and her team.

Matthew Beard

Executive Director, Strategic Planning, Management Systems, and Sustainability

Before joining Brewer Science in 2005, Matthew earned his B.S. in Ceramic Engineering in 1997 from the University of Missouri – Rolla, followed by a period in the automotive industry, focusing on quality systems and continuous improvement. Throughout his career at Brewer Science, Matthew has worked as a quality engineer, a quality manager, and most recently as Director of Integrated Management Systems focusing on quality systems, environmental sustainability, and safety programs. He now leads our Strategic Planning, Quality, Safety, and Environmental teams as our Executive Director of Strategic Planning, Management Systems, and Sustainability. With a passion for the environment, Matthew continues to work with outside organizations to drive sustainability education and awareness while maintaining excellence through agile planning and continuous improvement methodologies across the company.

Mike Mathews

Executive Director, Global Manufacturing & Logistics

Mike Mathews received a BS in Industrial Safety from Central Missouri State University (now the University of Central Missouri). Mike started his manufacturing journey working nine years in the plastics industry where he served as a shift foreman, process engineer, logistics manager, and EH&S manager for three facilities in three states. In 1997, Mike joined Brewer Science as the safety coordinator, growing to manage several groups over the years including facilities, logistics, procurement, EH&S, and manufacturing, and led many construction projects including the high-volume manufacturing facility located in Vichy, MO. His accomplishments include deploying LEAN initiatives across the operation groups, empowering teams and the people within those teams to achieve excellence in alignment with Brewer Science’s corporate goals and objectives, and exceeding customers’ expectations.

Dr. Terry Brewer

Founder and Executive Chairman

Dr. Terry Brewer is the founder and Executive Chairman of Brewer Science. Dr. Brewer received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 1969 from North Texas State University and completed his postdoctoral fellowship in 1972 at the University of Texas. He sees Brewer Science as one of the most original, innovative companies in the world with one of the most people-centric worldwide business models. He says, “Our currency is innovation; our outcomes are amazing products, not amazing ideas.” Dr. Brewer values the culture of his company, where the focus is on the people and the atmosphere of innovation.

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