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Spin CoaterBrewer Science is pleased to announce that its CEE® Semiconductor Processing Equipment business unit has been sold. Former Brewer Science employee, Russ Pagel, will take ownership of the newly formed Cost Effective Equipment, LLC.

Brewer Science has committed itself to solving some of the worlds’ most complex material challenges and in doing so must remain more focused than ever before. Following the continual success in our specialty materials and devices, Brewer Science made the decision to divest itself from its longstanding Equipment Division. For 30 years, Brewer Science provided the industry with some of the most cost-effective, durable, and precise equipment available. This expansive history and expertise will not be lost as the business transfers to Cost Effective Equipment, which will be comprised of a dedicated group of professionals with over 140 years combined experience in the Brewer Science equipment business.

Brewer Science and Cost Effective Equipment will continue working together to ensure a seamless transition while the business transfers to ensure all of our customers will retain the same level of service through both companies. Cost Effective Equipment, LLC will continue to honor product warranties and provide ongoing support to previous and current Brewer Science equipment customers.

Brewer Science’s Processing Materials:

Cost Effective Equipment, LLC Equipment:

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For more information on the Brewer Science – Cost Effective Equipment announcement check out the press release