Protective Hard Coatings

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Brewer Science Hard Coatings

Protective hard coatings are commonly used to protect plastic components otherwise susceptible to abrasion, hazing, or foreign substances such as oils, chemicals, or solvents. Brewer Science’s ProTEK® PSR-R and ProTEK® PSR-360 UV-cure, primerless, protective coatings offer best-in-class protection against wear and foreign substances for polycarbonate and acrylic components in many applications.

ProTEK® PSR-R material

ProTEK® PSR-360 material

All the same benefits as ProTEK® PSR-R material, plus hydrophobic and oleophobic properties for fingerprint and smudge resistance.


Pencil Hardness (ASTM D3363)     >9H
Tape Adhesion (ASTM D3359)     5B (PC and PMMA)
Transparency     >98% in the visible spectrum
Coating Thickness     2-10 µm
Primer Required?     No

protective hard coating glasses

Abradant /# of Cycles
No Visual Scratches
% Change in Surface Energy After Abrasion
Tech Wipe/10,000Pass2%
0000 Steel Wool/1,000Pass100%
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Protective Hard Coatings