Advanced Packaging & System Integration Technology Symposium (Yole & NCAP) 2017

April 20-21, 2017

April 20-21, 2017
Wuxi, China

yoleApril 20-21, 2017
Wuxi, China


The Advanced Packaging Symposium is hosted and organized by Yole Développement and the National Center for Advanced Packaging (NCAP China).

All aspects of Advanced Packaging, including Fan Out Packaging, System in Package, Advanced Substrates, 3D Technology & Embedded Technologies, as well as MEMS & Sensors packaging, RF, and Photonics will be discussed.

Brewer Science’s Chief Technical Officer, Tony D. Flaim, is the keynote speaker Friday 21st of April:

Materials, Processes and Applications

9:00 – 9:45 – KEYNOTE: The Evolution of Material & Process Strategies for Handling Wafer Level Packaging Substrates
Tony D. Flaim, Chief Technical Officer, Brewer Science

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