Art and Science: Perfect Together at Brewer Science

Telegraph inventor Samuel Morse was also an accomplished painter, and even painted a portrait of President James Monroe. Brian May, composer and co-founder of the legendary rock band Queen, is also an astrophysicist. Ornithologist John James Audubon created vividly beautiful, detailed paintings of the birds he studied. And Leonardo da Vinci, arguably the most well-known artist of all time, created numerous inventions, including a rudimentary type of car that, when built in 2006 by Italy’s Institute and Museum of the History of Science, actually worked.

Throughout history, the world’s greatest scientists have also been accomplished artists … and vice versa. So it’s fitting that from our position at the forefront of microprocessor technology, Brewer Science should also be dedicated to nurturing a love of the arts in our employees, our customers, guests at our campus, and in the community.

Creativity and science                                                          

Creativity is at the heart of all innovation, whether it occurs in a scientist’s lab or an artist’s studio. At Brewer Science, art serves multiple roles. The art throughout our campus not only serves to inspire creativity, it makes a statement to anyone who walks through our doors.

Our artwork gives customers the opportunity to relate to us as people beyond just a business relationship. To employment candidates, the art conveys that our company cares about more than just what’s on their resumes. Art transcends cultural differences, so it can be a unifying conversation point for employees, candidates and customers of differing national and ethnic backgrounds.

Our collection includes about 125 pieces of art in a wide variety of media, crafted by both professional and aspiring artisans, as well as children from our community. The pieces originate from all over the world. A meticulously detailed porcelain doll hails from Japan, while textile and sculpture artworks come from China and India. A children’s collection features the works of local children.

Art in action

Brewer Science’s commitment to art comes right from our founder, Dr. Terry Brewer, and his wife, Paula Brewer, who is an accomplished artist. In fact, visitors to the Brewer Science campus are greeted by one of Paula Brewer’s works — a large wooden sculpture of a hawk in flight, which is the company’s emblem. Dr. Brewer has been recognized with a philanthropy award from the Missouri Arts Council for his enthusiastic support of the state’s art community.

This year, we’re already gearing up for our annual juried art show “Pure Enjoyment,” which will be held from 5-8 p.m. on October 6, 2017 at The Creamery Arts Center in Springfield, Missouri. Artists are invited to submit JPEGs of their work at between August 1-31. The panel will review submissions and select show participants, and we’ll notify artists of the panel’s decision during the week of September 11-15, 2017. 

Every year as part of the show, Brewer Science also nurtures love of the performing arts by sponsoring a performance by a world-renowned string quartet. We sponsor the show in conjunction with the annual First Friday Art Walk, and in cooperation with the Springfield Regional Arts Council and Arts Rolla. You can learn more about First Friday Art Walk at

“Innovation and creativity inspire both artists and scientists; those qualities are vital to discovery,” says Dr. Brewer. “They apply to every aspect of our business, and our professional and personal lives are better when we embrace art.”

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