WSJ Feature: American Manufacturers Seek Perfection as Quality Issues Mount

Brewer Science is featured in The Wall Street Journal article, “American Manufacturers Seek Perfection as Quality Issues Mount” published on March 18, 2024.

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The Wall Street Journal business reporter, John Keilman, starts the article with an intriguing thought: “Imagine a world in which every product that leaves a factory is flawless, every time.”

He goes on to interview different companies with a zero-defect manufacturing process and delves into Brewer Science as being a Pioneer of Perfection.

Sri Kommu, Chief Operating Officer at Brewer Science, states how the definition of defects is growing more stringent.


“What’s good enough today is not good enough for tomorrow.” – Sri Kommu


Brewer Science has reduced impurities such as aluminum ions to less than one part per billion through exhaustive measurement and testing. Learn more about our commitment to quality on our Zero Defect website.


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