Brewer Science Introduces its First Permanent Bonding Material this Week at the European 3D & Systems Summit

Rolla, Missouri – January 27th, 2020 – Brewer Science, Inc., is proud to introduce our first material for permanent bonding from the European 3D & Systems Summit. This new material is included within the Brewer Science product family of PermaSOL materials designed to address device- and wafer-level packaging requirements. The new material addresses a range of needs identified for permanent bonding applications, which include low-temperature bonding, extreme chemical resistance, UV or thermal curable bonding process, and no material movement after cure.

What are Permanent Bonding Materials?
Permanent bonding materials are adhesives and dielectrics used to assemble integrated circuit (IC) logic chips, memory chips, image sensor devices, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices, which go into high-density heterogeneously integrated packages. These high-density, ultra-thin electronic packages are needed for artificial intelligence (AI) in high-performance computers, data centers, 5G, and high-end mobile products.

“This is an exciting time for the industry as we continue to develop new materials that meet our customers’ needs for next-generation technology to perform at its best,” said Kim Arnold, Executive Director – Wafer-Level Packaging Materials, at Brewer Science. “As we move forward and work closely with our customers, suppliers, and partners, we expand our ability to offer solutions into new exciting areas including permanent bonding.”

PermaSOL materials have been created to enhance and improve many key market drivers within device- and wafer-level packaging processes:


  • MEMS devices, glass frit, and anodic bonding technologies in order to achieve good hermeticity to protect the MEMS sensor
  • LED devices requiring metal bonding (eutectic and thermo-compression bonding) to meet higher performance in terms of light extraction
  • CMOS image sensors for direct bonding & adhesive bonding
  • SOI substrate manufacturing supporting the fusion bonding technology
  • 3D Integration: Thermocompression bonding (TCB)


Kim Arnold will be presenting on “Innovative Materials Enabling Advanced Packaging Process Flows” on Wednesday, January 29th beginning at 09:00 in Session 4: Enabling Technology at SEMI’s 3D & Systems Summit in Dresden, Germany.

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