Brewer Science: Our Anthem

Right here, in the heart of America, you can find Brewer Science – a global leader in the semiconductor industry. A contradiction to the status quo, technologists and leaders at Brewer Science inspire and build real change every day. As an organization, we are empowered dreamers who thrive on creating technology that enriches communities and lives across the globe.

anthem_1Employees of Brewer Science are committed to an environment that fosters a culture of innovation, diversity, and professional development. “The Brewer Science concept, from inception, has always been based on continuous innovation from our employees,” founder and CEO, Dr. Terry Brewer, said when asked about Brewer Science’s unique culture. “We believe freedom and openness to possibilities, combined with clear objectives, advanced processes and commitment to growth, will put the ‘better’ in technological advancements.” By placing a high priority on continuous investment in both its people and facilities, Brewer Science is able to foster fresh research and development perspectives to continue leading the way into the next generation of technological advancements.

“Throughout my seventeen years with Brewer Science, I’ve been empowered to succeed with the skills and abilities I have,” said Vicki Hallsworth, Director of International Human Resources for Brewer Science in Derby, England. “One of the greatest attributes of Brewer Science’s culture is the ability of the organization to understand the unique abilities of each individual and place them in a position where they can flourish.”

anthem_2At Brewer Science, we work to ensure that each team member is valued for their efforts, skill and abilities and place them in a position where they can focus and succeed. Anything is possible when a diverse family is unified by a common goal, and every member of our team is dedicated to helping our customers reach their technology goals. Through our results-oriented approach to problem solving, employees at Brewer Science succeed in helping our customers reach their long-term goals. We pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations with personalized care and commitment.

“The culture of respect is evident throughout all of Brewer Science. Through positive reinforcement and coaching, I’ve been able to develop my skills and have been entrusted with responsibilities that have positively impacted my confidence and ability to perform my job,” said Customer Advocate Specialist, Tracey Sims. “To be able to work in an environment that encourages growth, challenges employees to innovate and makes everyone feel valued in sharing their ideas and vision is incredible. I’m grateful to be part of the Brewer Science culture.”

athem_3At Brewer Science, we are doers, creators, risk-takers and innovators, continually pushing the mold to lead the way into the next generation of technological advancements. Employees are at the center of the Brewer Science organization, working together to create new materials and technologies to help companies across the globe succeed.  We are a company of the people, by the technology, for the customer.

Learn more about our culture with our latest video, Brewer Science – Our Anthem and stay in touch with us throughout the year on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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