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stem_bsiAt Brewer Science, we believe in empowering and building the next generation of leaders. Through local and global STEM efforts, we are growing and equipping the leaders, go-getters, and innovators of tomorrow.

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym used to represent the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The whole economy is backed by jobs represented in STEM, including manufacturing, healthcare and food production. STEM-related jobs continue to be a topic of conversation because approximately 2.4 million STEM jobs this year will go unfilled.

“STEM has been, and continues to be, a driver for technology innovation that is changing lives around the world every day,” says Julie Littrell, Senior Director, HR Employee Success at Brewer Science. “By impacting research and development and manufacturing in all industries; from the medical field to the cars we drive, STEM education is a great start to changing the world.”


Why is STEM Education Important?

STEM jobs are abundant and growing. The industry will continue to evolve and the need for jobs will only increase.

Unfortunately, schools are not always prepared to teach or properly equip students with necessary STEM skills. In fact, only one-quarter of all K-12 schools in the U.S. offers computer science and coding classes.

STEM education produces highly trained students with analytical talent and it influences beneficial collaboration between universities and businesses. It also sparks an entrepreneurial mindset, making these programs extremely valuable for young students who can take an invaluable skillset with them throughout their college careers and adult lives. Even at the collegiate level, students who choose STEM majors out-earn peers who choose non-STEM majors.

“It is about changing the world. Imagine making an impact on a middle school student that chooses a career in STEM who might a great scientist at Brewer Science or maybe even find a cure for cancer.  We all win with innovation and that starts with STEM education,” Littrell says. “Collaborating with other organizations and universities greatly helps expedite the production of new technologies. It also helps us confront the problems facing the industry with carefully considered solutions and a wealth of resources.”

Brewer Science strives to help the growth of STEM education in order to continue producing world-changing technologies.  Learn more about Brewer Science at, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or check out our latest videos on Youtube. You can view our latest STEM video here.

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