Four Decades of Innovation: Brewer Science continues to strengthen the vision

Since its establishment in 1981, Brewer Science has been founded on the vision to be a company of the people, by the technology, for the customer, to achieve fulfillment. The company has grown from 3 employees located in Rolla, Missouri, to over 400 employees worldwide, with a network of trained and innovative professionals bringing groundbreaking technology products, processes, and equipment to the changing technology marketplace. While the company has expanded into new markets, the vision and mission have remained consistent over the past 40 years.


Of the people.

In 2020, Brewer Science announced its Employee Ownership program. Further exemplifying its focus on people, Brewer Science was honored with a Top Workplace award, being nominated by the employees to receive this award for nine years and counting. A new video series launched last year, “Of the People” highlights inspiring stories of Brewer Science employees. Nonetheless, as COVID-19 has  created challenges for in-person events, Brewer Science is finding innovative ways to engage employees, including the launch of the first virtual intern experience.


By the technology.

Brewer Science may be best known in the microelectronics industry for introducing ARC® bottom anti-reflective coatings to chip makers worldwide. Since 1981, Brewer Science’s portfolio has grown significantly and continues to exceed the demands of our customers and all parties in the supply chain. Through the years, additional products have been added to the portfolio to include optoelectronic coatings, protective coatings, bonding processes and nanotechnology products, which enable the manufacturing of advanced integrated circuits, sensors and displays throughout the world. We also announced the expansion of our Smart Devices and Printed Electronics Foundry providing rapid prototyping and specialized solutions for diverse customer needs.


For the customer.

Brewer Science recognizes that being “for the customer” spans farther than providing specialized solutions to clients, but also serving the communities around them. Brewer Science is recognized as a Certified B Corporation, showcasing that we meet the highest standards of corporate social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability to all stakeholders.


Due to Brewer Science’s 40th anniversary falling within a time of unprecedented challenges for community entities, the company took an innovative approach to its giving efforts, including manufacturing hand sanitizer to donate to the local fire station, police stations and schools. In addition to continuing annual traditions, such as school sponsorships and food drives, there was also a significant contribution to the World Bird Sanctuary providing the entrance to the park with a kiosk, to celebrate the entrance of Brewer Science into the semiconductor industry four decades ago. Brewer Science employees also applied their professional expertise to community outreach, including providing fit tests for respirators for those working in local nursing homes during the pandemic.


To achieve fulfillment.

The Zero Defects program at Brewer Science, a commitment to delivering materials and solutions right the first time, continues to encourage innovation within the company.


“Zero Defects is how we approach our jobs and how we move forward in our continuous improvement efforts. It’s all about our employees and their desire to be better today than they were yesterday. Zero Defects is not simply a company initiative, it’s a mindset,” says Tom Brown, Executive Director of Manufacturing, Quality, and Logistics.


In addition to this program, Brewer Science continues its endeavor to reduce waste and be environmentally conscious, being recognized as Green Circle Certified for the 6th consecutive year. Brewer Science also announced the establishment of the American Materials Technology Partnership which recognizes the need for high-quality materials to fuel technological advancement and spur a healthy domestic microelectronics industry.


Brewer Science recognizes the strides it has made not only in becoming a global leader in the manufacturing of innovative microdevices, but also the advancements made in fulfilling the vision, to be a company for the of the people, by the technology, for the customer, to achieve fulfillment—a vision the company intends to further reinforce in the years to come. To read more about the accomplishments and endeavors Brewer Science has accomplished this past 40 years, check out 40 Years of Innovation.  

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