How STEM Benefits Brewer Science

Brewer Science works to increase opportunities for STEM education and boost overall interest in STEM-related careers because both we and our customers greatly benefit from STEM success – locally and internationally. As STEM careers grow, we are able to collaborate with other companies and universities to produce new technology at a faster pace.

Generate new technology 

As a company, we focus on finding and creating new technology products to meet the recommendations and needs of our customers. Our customers make the smartphones, computers, flexible electronics, sensors, and electronic devices we use every day, and they often come to us and describe a technology they want to introduce in two to five years. This is when our team of STEM-educated people comes into play. Once our customer has described the technology they desire, our team focuses on designing products and processes that address those specific needs. Their STEM expertise allows them to develop new technology that helps make our customers’ products smaller, faster, and less expensive.

Collaborate with other organizations and universities

Collaborating with other organizations and universities greatly helps expedite the production of new technologies. It also helps us confront the problems facing the industry with carefully considered solutions and a wealth of resources. Our involvement with the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) organization and partnerships with major universities have validated our commitment to increasing the awareness of the great opportunities for those pursuing STEM education. 

Our association with SEMI provides us with resources that allow us to create collaborative solutions that focus on industry-wide problems, including:

    • Protecting intellectual property
    • Impact of imports and exports
    • Government support of research
    • Transportation infrastructure
    • Helping our government understand the needs of technology businesses
    • Importance of manufacturing in the U.S.

Our Global Intern Program provides students with real experience and interaction with scientists, technologists, and engineers, helping motivate them to continue their pursuit a STEM career.  Interns are engaged in projects that help accelerate the generation of new products and technologies during their time at Brewer Science.  Approximately 60 percent of our interns become full-time employees at Brewer Science after graduation.

Brewer Science strives to help the growth of STEM education for these reasons in order to continue producing world-changing technologies. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your company, or if you want to learn more about our intern program, please contact us today.

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