Innovations Festival: Printed, Hybrid, 3D, InMold, Textile Electronic

The Largest Online Gathering of the Printed Electronics Community

24 June 2.00pm - 7.00pm CET

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Innovations Festival:
Printed, Hybrid, 3D, InMold, Textile Electronics

The Largest Online Gathering of the Printed Electronics Community

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24 June | 2.00pm – 7.00pm CET


This must-attend Innovations Festival showcases exciting and cutting-edge advances from across the world. In a unique format, speakers will present their latest advances and innovations in compact technology-focused 5-min talks. Participants can then visit the speakers in their virtual speaker corner or at their virtual booth.

This is a truly unique gathering in our special ‘in-person virtual’ platform making virtual interaction real and enabling spontaneous discussions, serendipitous meetings, and excellent networking.

Topics Covered:
R2R Nanolithography | Nano-Scale Wafer Printing | Smart Skin Patches | 3D Touch Surfaces | Quantum Dots | Stretchable Liquid Metal Inks | Jet Metallization | Laser Induced Forward Transfer | Fuel Cells | Printed Batteries | Organic Photovoltaics | R2R PCB Production | Hybrid Circuits | 3D Electronics | InMold Electronics | Smart Surfaces | Ultra Fine Line Printing | Novel Interconnect Technology | E-Textiles | Printed Displays | Printed Sensors | Printed Sensors | Innovative Paste Technologies | Smart Packaging | Additively Manufactured Electronics | OTFTs | Perovskites

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Speakers & Exhibitors include:

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Full Agenda

Content will also be available on-demand after the event.

CET Central European Times (CET).
2:00pm Komori Corp | Micro bumps by gravure offset printing method
02:05pm Zinergy UK | Printded Batteries: Towards R2R Scale-up
02:10pm DP Patterning | R2R FPCB production technology.
02:15pm INM-Leibniz Institut | Flexible transparent conductive coatings by electrospinning
02:20pm Fraunhofer IZM | E-Textiles: Adhesive Bonding for electronics integration in textiles
02:25pm University of Coimbra | Stretchable Microchip-Integrated Electronics Based on Liquid Metal
02:30pm Fujikura Kasei | Creating Fully Stretchable Medical Devices with Silicone-based AgCl Inks
Networking Break – Meet The Speakers

Fraunhofer IAP | Ultra precise EHD-Jet printing of quantum dots.

03:05pm DoMicro | Perspectives For Electro-Hydro-Dynamic Printing On Nanoscale
03:10pm Coatema | The pathway to digital fabrication of printed electronic products
03:15pm Keiron Printing Technologies | Digitally Printing Highly Viscous Contents with Laser-Induced Forward Transfer
03:20pm Nano-Ops | The Future of Printed Electronics is Here; Print Electronic Components and ICs Using a Single Platform
3.25pm Networking Break – Meet The Speakers
03:45pm Joanneum Research | R2R-NIL for realizing highly innovative use cases – from bionics to medical diagnostics
03:50pm Meta Materials | Multifunctional metasurfaces for everyday printed electronic functional films
03:55pm Pulse Forge | Use of Photonic Soldering to Enable High Quality Connections on Temperature Sensitive Substrates
04:00pm DuPont Teijin Films UK Ltd | Polyester film solutions from DTF meeting changing needs in flexible electronic markets.
04:05pm Ynvisible | Established and new applications of printed e-paper displays
04:10pm InnovationLab GmbH | Current R&D at InnovationLab
Networking Break – Meet The Speakers
04:35pm Henkel | Pad-printing Silver Inks – Example of 5G Antenna Applications
04:40pm Danish Technological Institute | Your copper nanoparticle production scale up
04:45pm CondAlign | Adhesive ACF for efficient room temperature bonding in FHE
04:50pm Brilliant Matters | Recent advancements in organic photovoltaics
04:55pm DuPont MicroCircuits | Demonstration of high frequency 5G modules using LTCC
Networking Break – Meet The Speakers
05:20pm Quad Industries | Wearable skin patches as a key enabler for digital health
05:25pm Seristampa | Evolution of touch surfaces – Haptic feedback
05:30pm Kimoto | Next-generation 3D Formable Substrates
05:35pm Panacol | InMold Electronics
05:40pm Panasonic | Soft, Stretchable and Functional: Printed Hybrid Electronic Demonstrators made with High-Temperature Tolerant Stretchable Substrate
05:45pm LiquidWire | Using stretchable Metal Gel strain sensors to digitize 3D body motion and flex
05:50pm ACI Materials | Stretchable Electronic Materials that Meet the Demands
Networking Break – Meet The Speakers
06:10pm Fraunhofer ILT | Laser processing of printed electronic layers
06:15pm Sun Chemicals | Critical to Performance Metrics of Functional Materials for IME
06:20pm Kent Displays | VersaNote: A Roll-to-Part, Flexible Electronic Device
06:25pm The University of Texas at El Paso | Additive Manufacturing of Elastomer, Ceramic and Metal Multi-functional Structures
06:30pm Boeing | Why Boeing is interested in printed electronics and what value it has to Boeing.
06:35pm SmartKem | TBC
06:40pm IDS | High Output Rate Aerosol Printing for High Conductivity Printed Electronics
Networking Break – Meet The Speakers – Day ends

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