Laser Debonding in 2D and 3D Heterogeneous Applications featured in Chip Scale Review

Alice Guerrero, Senior Applications Engineer in Wafer-Level Packaging at Brewer Science, and Koen Kennes, Research and Development Engineer at imec, contributed to Chip Scale Review with a discussion of the fundamentals of laser debonding and the advantages it has for 2D and 3D heterogeneous integration.

Brewer Science and imec have several different products and programs where laser debonding is critical to the overall wafer flow, including fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP), die-to-wafer stacking, collective hybrid bonding, and 2D material transfer – all of which require a delicate balance to efficiently debond dies or wafers from carriers without damaging the device.

Read in detail the analysis Guerrero and Kennes provide regarding laser debonding and the advantages it can bring to complicated flows of 2D and 3D heterogeneous applications. The full article can be accessed on the Chip Scale Review page.




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