MEMS & Sensors Executive Conference

Oct 13 -15, 2020

The Next Wave of Sensorization: Solving Our Shared Challenges Industry economic, business updates will be covered from different aspects of the ecosystem, together with forward-looking strategic and technology trends. The opportunities and challenges brought about by key technologies and markets in the areas of medical, AR, VR, motion capture, environmental, food/agriculture, ultrasonic applications, and wearable devices will be explored. The growth in existing and emerging MEMS and sensors markets, together with the resulting new components, software, and systems needs, will also be discussed. Key Session Topics— The Future of Motion Capture Emerging Business Strategies Business Strategies & Opportunities in 2020 Emerging Technologies and Manufacturing Trends Product Showdown Market Trends Who Should Attend? CEO ● Chairmen ● Presidents ● Senior Executives ● Executive Vice Presidents ● CTO ● Startup Founders ● Financial Analysts ● Market Researchers ● Consulting Firms (Note: This event is usually paired with the FLEX Conference in previous years, but they are separating again)

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