Brewer Science Earns GreenCircle Certification for Zero Waste to Landfill for Ninth Consecutive Year

Brewer Science Earns GreenCircle Certification for Zero Waste to Landfill for Ninth Consecutive Year

Brewer Science is the first and only company in the semiconductor industry with GreenCircle Certification


Rolla, Mo.– April 3, 2024–Brewer Science, a global technology leader, is pleased to announce it has earned Zero Waste to Landfill Certification for the ninth consecutive year. The Zero Waste to Landfill Certification represents Brewer Science’s commitment to the responsible management of end-of-life materials and demonstrates the company’s commitment to waste diversion practices.

Brewer Science is the first and only company in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry to achieve GreenCircle Certification – Zero Waste to Landfill. GreenCircle certifies an organization for Zero Waste to Landfill Certification if 100% of the materials leaving the facility are intended to be diverted from landfill via one of GreenCircle’s acceptable means of diversion. Waste diversion from landfill, defined as the prevention and reduction of generated waste through source reduction, recycling, reuse, or composting, has been characterized as one of the best ways manufacturing companies can demonstrate genuine environmental responsibility.

Sustainability continues to be a prominent focus for Brewer Science, with remarkable progress towards goals, including:

  • Net Zero Carbon Footprint by 2050
  • Reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions by 80% from baseline 2018 by 2030
  • Divert over 75% of hazardous waste volume to re-use applications annually
  • Achieve 100% renewable energy consumption annually


Education continues to play an important role in advocating for sustainable development across the supply chain. Brewer Science has developed a new program aimed at bridging the gap in environmental initiatives among its stakeholders. You can find the Sustainability Outreach Program at the bottom of Brewer Science’s Going Green webpage.


Brewer Science provides a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s five impact areas in its annual Impact Report, which can also be found on the Going Green page.


“The Sustainability Outreach Program we are launching this year is designed to work with our partners, whether that be our employees, suppliers, customers, or other organizations in the communities in which we serve, to collaborate and align on sustainability programs and projects to have a net positive impact on the environment,” states Matthew Beard, Executive Director, Strategic Planning, Management Systems, and Sustainability at Brewer Science.


For semiconductor companies, it is essential to evaluate the materials used in manufacturing, identify any more environmentally friendly alternatives, and handle the waste responsibly. Brewer Science established its Green Chemistry Program in 2019, which is an effort to identify chemical alternatives that are proven to be more sustainable, as well as divert hazardous materials for reuse applications. Additionally, Brewer Science organizes an annual community collection recycling program partnering with waste disposal companies and volunteer crews to prevent community e-waste from becoming a part of a landfill. The company shares about its sustainability programs on its “Going Green” page to encourage other tech companies to adopt more sustainable practices.




About Brewer Science

Brewer Science is a global leader in developing and manufacturing next-generation materials and processes that foster the technology needed for tomorrow. Since 1981, we’ve expanded our technology portfolio within advanced lithography, advanced packaging, smart devices, and printed electronics to enable cutting-edge microdevices and unique monitoring systems for industrial, environmental, and air applications. Our relationship-focused approach provides outcomes that facilitate and deliver critical information. Our headquarters are in Rolla, Missouri, with customer support throughout the world. We invite you to learn more about Brewer Science at




About the GreenCircle Certified, LLC

GreenCircle Certified, LLC was established to ensure specificity in third-party certification after encountering many unsubstantiated claims in the marketplace. Since 2009, GreenCircle has offered forward-thinking companies a competitive advantage by providing specific, third-party certification of environmental claims. GreenCircle’s rigorous evaluation process provides independent verification that claims of sustainable aspects of products and operations are valid. Manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, occupants, and consumers can be assured that products labeled with the GreenCircle Certified mark have been thoroughly assessed and their claims verified to applicable standards. Learn more at





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