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Tom Brown, Executive Director of Operations at Brewer Science, explores the Three Pillars of Impact: Courage to Challenge, Empower Others and Expect Excellence. In this 3 part video series, he discusses the real-life implications of each pillar, and techniques you can use in your daily life – either professionally or personally – to strengthen the relationships you have with others, through the Three Pillars of Impact.

Courage to Challenge

The first Pillar of Impact is the Courage to Challenge. The two main words in this pillar infer conflict; however, that doesn’t imply a negative experience. For Courage to Challenge to be a force for positive change, it’s essential to ask yourself two questions:

1. Are you respectfully challenging?

2. Are you creating an environment conducive for challenges to occur?

To learn more, watch the video or the read the blog: Courage to Challenge: First Pillar of Impact

Expect Excellence

The second Pillar of Impact is Expect Excellence. The concept shouldn’t be confused with seeking perfection of the outcome but rather focusing on the journey and approach. Watch the video, or read the blog: Expect Excellence: Second Pillar of Impact


Empower Others

Empowering employees to make decisions and face potential issues with strategy and strong problem-solving skills, provides customers with an unprecedented experience. With everyone taking ownership and responsibility of their role, it allows for higher quality, control, and efficiency of the entire process. Employees epitomize the courage to challenge both inside and outside of the organization to ensure a solution surpasses the expectations of the customer. Watch the video, or read more in the blog: Empowering Others: Third Pillar of Impact

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