Printed electronics on display in Santa Clara

Thanksgiving arrives a little early for all of us in the semiconductor industry.

On November 16th, we cruise over to Santa Clara, California, to participate in the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Show, along with the most brilliant minds in printed electronics.

Printed electronics provide a glimpse of a more connected future, one where electronic components are made up of incredibly thin, non-obstructive materials, take up far less space and consume significantly less energy.

Printed Electronics USA is where we get a firsthand look at the latest and greatest innovations in the field — and show off a few of our own.

The best part of IDTechEx

There’s fun stuff to play with! In truth, we could say that about every event we attend. But this one is even more fun. Printed electronics applications usually take the form of consumer-facing devices and gadgets, and the only way for us to get a feel for how they work is to take each for a spin.

At the Brewer Science booth, we’ll have an interactive robotic arm highlighting our flex sensors and a sensor test kit featuring all of our printed sensors. Event attendees (maybe even YOU) will be able to swing by and get their hands on the fun.

Smarter packaging

With all the engaging displays, there’s one interactive display we’re hoping to see.

Smart packaging seems to be where printed electronics are heading, and it’s a very intriguing direction. Companies and organizations are using existing near-field communication technology to create electronically printed packaging that is designed to communicate critical information about the product.

For example, a consumer could scan the smart packaging containing a high-end cosmetic product to find out if the original seal has been broken. Similarly, a pharmaceutical patient could scan a prescription to ensure it’s the correct medication and that it hasn’t been tampered with.

It’s compelling technology that illuminates a bright future for printed electronics.

Slow and steady

With these seemingly endless advancements, the printed electronics world is progressing in an exciting way. “We don’t see a ‘killer app,’ per se,” said Stan Farnsworth, CMO at NovaCentrix, at last year’s event. “We see a lot of incremental improvements across a range of industries.”

This is very promising because it means no one company is bounding ahead of the rest. It shows that strategic partnerships and comprehensive solutions are the foundation upon which the printed electronics industry is built.

If you’re heading to Santa Clara for Printed Electronics USA, be sure to come see us at booth T19. We’d love to show you what we’re working on and see what you’ve got in store as well.


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