WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 Materials

Temporary Bonding Materials
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WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 Materials

WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 temporary bonding materials enable back-end-of-line (BEOL) processing of ultrathin wafers with standard semiconductor equipment.

WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 materials are organic adhesive coatings developed for temporary wafer bonding solutions for MEMS and 3-D wafer-level packaging applications. WaferBOND® HT-10.11 material enables effective bonding and support through substrate thinning and backside standard lithographic processing through utilization of effective bonding and subsequent thermal slide, chemical, mechanical*, or laser* debonding for thickness < 75 μm. WaferBOND® HT-10.12 material enables thermal slide debonding for film thickness ≥ 75 μm. These materials were specifically developed for thin wafer handling (TWH), through-silicon via (TSV) reveal, and redistribution layer (RDL) creation or processes up to 250°C.

*Mechanical and laser debond methods require a compatible release material


Debond Methods

Improve throughput of high-temperature ultrathin-wafer processing

Excellent void-free bonding and high-temperature stability delivered by the WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 products increase yields and provides greater process latitude.

With these WaferBOND® materials, you can:

  • Process ultrathin wafers in temperatures up to 250°C
  • Protect the wafer edge from chipping
  • Protect circuitry from harsh chemical etchants
  • Provide a void-free interface for a smooth surface on the final thinned wafer

WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 Material Spin Speed Curves:

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WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 Materials