Solutions to Manufacturing's Water Problem


You show me someone who lives in a low-lying area and I’ll show you someone who understands how damaging water can be.

Water is essential to all life here on earth. The planet is mostly water. Our bodies are mostly water. Life as we know it would not exist were it not for the amazing properties of water. But for something so crucial, it sure can cause a lot of damage.

Usually we hear about damaging water in terms of gallons but, for advanced manufacturing processes, trace amounts of moisture can wreak havoc on equipment and products. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

As with most problems, early detection and prevention provide the easiest, most effective way to stave off big future problems, and moisture is no different. As a result, the proper monitoring tools can be a very worthwhile investment.

Moisture sensor

This is Brewer Science’s InFlect™ Moisture Sensor:
We’ve been developing this for a while and we’re thrilled with how it’s turned out. Because of its carbon-based nanoscale makeup, it can detect changes in humidity instantaneously in a way no other sensor can. On top of that, this moisture sensor can be fully integrated, consumes only a tiny amount of power and is easily adaptable into common electronics designs.

If you need to track moisture or humidity change, this is your new best friend.

A possible future

What’s more exciting is the possible future applications for this sensor and others like it. In another video about the sensor, Dr. Ryan Giedd, Director of Device Engineering and Product Development, demonstrates the sensor by breathing on and speaking near the sensor itself. What registers in the sensor is a sort of humidity fingerprint that’s completely unique to Ryan and impossible to replicate. Sensors like these could serve as a more secure alternative to voice-recognition software.

Imagine using ApplePay or some other mobile payment app and your signature requires speaking your own name into a sensor that registers the exact sound, temperature and humidity changes that are unique to only you.

Believe it or not, creating a more secure world and saving manufacturers millions isn’t where these incredibly powerful sensors stop. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. These kinds of sensors will play a huge role in engineering of almost every type (especially robotics) and may very well define the future of nanotechnology. Want to try this sensor out for yourself? Check out InflectTM Moisture Sensors and see how you can put them in your own lab.

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