TechBlick Year Round Event Series On Emerging Technologies


Brewer Science is exhibiting a virtual booth and a sponsor of the TechBlick Year Round Event Series On Emerging Technologies.

The 2021 event focus surrounds Electronics, Photovoltaics, Displays, Sensors, Printed, Flexible, Hybrid, Roll-to-Roll, Structural,  InMold, 3D, Conformal, Large-Area, Stretchable, Textile, Wearable, Patches, Transparent. As well as Material Innovations, such as Energy Storage Materials, Graphene and 2D Materials, Carbon Nanotubes, Perovskites, Quantum Dots, Organic Electronic Materials, 3D Printing Materials, Energy Harvesting,  Novel Functional Inks, Thermal Management Materials, Informatics, Low-loss Materials, Light-weighting



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