We Are Manufacturing Video Series

Our We Are Manufacturing video series explores STEM topics on a fundamental level. Join Loretta Peterman, Corporate STEM Education Manager, as she interviews panels of experts to capture their insight on a diverse range of topics, including supply chain management, quality control, communication, and more.

Intro to Manufacturing

In our first video, Loretta Peterman,  Corporate STEM Education Manager, interviews Darron Jurajda, Director of Semiconductor Business Operations. Together they explore the fundamentals of semiconductor manufacturing and topics of the industry.

What is Manufacturing?

In our second video, Loretta invites a panel of four Brewer Science manufacturing experts to answer the question, “What is manufacturing?” They reveal changing trends and ways Brewer Science is changing the face of manufacturing as we know it. The panel includes Mike Mathews, Director of Manufacturing; Ryan Buschjost, Supply Chain Logistics & Inventory Planning Manager; Jim Korich, Engineering Systems Manager; Jeremy Light, Senior Manufacturing Manager.

What is Quality?

In our third video, Levi Gildehaus, Applications Supervisor; Meredith Green, Quality Engineering Manager; Michael Wiegand, Senior Applications Manager; Julie Ply, Director of Quality Materials discuss how quality is determined in manufacturing, and some of the programs Brewer Science has in place that ensure total quality of materials and allows us to uphold our Zero Defect promise.

What is Supply Chain?

In our fourth video, we uncover the ins and outs of supply chain management, and the proactive steps Brewer Science takes to ensure quality, communication, and efficiency among our supply chain partners. Kamal Malhotra, Director of Financial Systems & Procurement; Buffi Thomas, Procurement Manager; Adam Daniels, Sourcing Manager; Kirk Emory, Order Fulfillment Planning Manager; come together to form a panel of different roles within the company united on one mission: to bring the best quality products to our customers.

Supporting Manufacturing

In our fifth video, Loretta interviews some of the Brewer Science employees who support manufacturing capabilities. This includes safety, storage, chemistry, facilities planning, architectural/designing services, hazardous waste disposal, reporting, R&D, and more. There is a diverse panel of experts included in this panel featuring Lori Calederas, Senior Industrial Hygienist; Rory McCarthy, Unit Manager, Environmental Systems; Delbert Hobson, Director of Facilities and Business Continuity; Cameron Stover, Environmental Engineer; Andrea Chacko, Scientist/Team Leader.

Connecting, Communicating, and Learning

In our sixth video, Loretta interviews some of the ladies from the Human Resources department to get their expert insight on the importance of connecting, communicating, and learning. Brewer Science has several learning and development programs in place to promote continuous development, both professionally and personally. The participants on this panel include Shalena Doss, Talent Acquisition and Retention Manager; Vicki Hallsworth, Director of International Human Resources, Amy Skyles, former Learning and Development Manager.

Building 7 Manufacturing Tour

In our seventh and final video, Ryan Buschjost, Supply Chain Planning and Logistics Manager, takes you on a tour of our “Building 7” which is one of the manufacturing buildings located at our headquarters in Rolla, Missouri.

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