At Brewer Science we don’t settle on being the best in just one area, but grow our product portfolio every year.


As a company “…For The Customer”,  Brewer Science is committed to providing customers with a positive experience each and every time you do business with us.



Through partnerships, consortia, memberships, and relationships we are always striving to be a technology, industry, and community leader.


Our focus on people, equipment, data, and the customer has created a world class manufacturing environment for our customers and partners.


We prioritize the following.

Our customers’ long-term success is important to us, and we pride ourselves in exceeding their expectations with our personalized care and commitment. Internally and externally, we believe in open communication in order to build a foundation of trust. When our customers think of Brewer Science, they think of our trustworthiness and commitment to our business. They know that we are working for them tirelessly and leading the way into the next generation.

The employees of Brewer Science are committed to an environment that fosters innovation, diversity, and professional development. Every member of our team is focused on helping our customers reach their technology goals through our results-oriented approach to problem solving. We are valued for our diversity and our belief that we are more than the sum of our parts. As a team, we are all committed to being leaders in our industry and for returning more to the world than we take.

We are constantly looking for new ways to move technology forward. Under Dr. Brewer’s leadership, Brewer Science has grown to be a global leader in developing and manufacturing advanced materials and equipment for the reliable fabrication of cutting-edge microdevices used in electronics such as tablet computers, smartphones, digital cameras, televisions, and LED lighting.



As we continue to move technology forward and expand our technology portfolio, we reflect on 2017 with a collection of photos that highlight various activities, employees, and products throughout the year.

Brewer Science promotes a community collection program at its headquarters in Rolla, MO every year. Through partnering with waste disposal companies and volunteer crews, Brewer Science collected more than 11 tons of appliances and electronics, along with 3.5 tons of tires in 2017 that would have otherwise been a part of a landfill.

Brewer Science’s giant trash compactor known as “big green” (previously known as “big blue”) prevented approximately nearly 30 tons of waste materials from winding up in a landfill during 2017. This is one initiative that helps Brewer Science achieve and maintain zero-landfill status by turning garbage into electricity.

Another initiative to achieve and maintain zero-landfill status is Brewer Science’s Shred-it program. Through the program, 4.5 tons of paper have been recycled, which has allowed Brewer Science to save nearly 110 trees in 2017.

Brewer Science recognizes its reponsibility to ensure our processes are providing a safe, secure and environmentally responsible solution. In 2017, Brewer Science shipped over 215,000 lbs of solvent waste that was diverted from hazardous waste. The waste is recycled and prepared to be reused to clean tanker cars.

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