Brewer Science celebrates 25 years as a global company with continued innovation and human outreach

Brewer Science’s development of anti-reflective coatings has had a global impact on the microelectronics industry. Innovative products, processes and services can transform the world. So it’s fitting that the team of professionals who fuel our innovation and business are also global; this year marks the 25th anniversary of overseas operations for the company that Dr. Terry Brewer founded 36 years ago in Rolla, Missouri.

Our Derby, United Kingdom, facility, which houses our international sales and support team, was the first overseas location for Brewer Science. The location got its start when a salesperson that was a distributor for Brewer Science products expressed a desire to work for Brewer Science directly. The salesperson was based in Derby, so the international sales and support team began there.

Today, Brewer Science’s international team of eight is housed in the historic Darley Abbey Mills in located in Derby. Dr. Brewer recently told the Derby Telegraph the location is “a perfect fit for us. We’re an innovative company and the mills played a key part in the Industrial Revolution.”

The Derby group handles finance, human resources, logistics and customer service for the company’s international operations, which has now expanded to include satellite offices in Japan, Germany, France, Korea, China and Taiwan.

Brewer Science’s development of anti-reflective coatings helped revolutionize the microelectronics industry around the world, and contributed to the advent of modern high-speed, super powerful and lightweight electronic devices. Throughout the company’s history, Brewer Science has focused on developing its own original technologies, rather than building off the work of others.

“As a company, we have elected to develop our technology from scratch,” Dr. Brewer told the Telegraph. “We don’t sell other people’s stuff. When we bring something to the marketplace, it’s never existed before.”

As nanotechnology reaches its size limits, Brewer Science continues to be on the forefront of innovating microprocessors that no longer depend on decreasing feature size to increase speed and power. We’re exploring exciting possibilities like 3D stacking for integrated circuit manufacturing.

Meanwhile, as we innovate the technologies of the future, we recognize the importance of the human element in all we do. To celebrate the Derby location’s 25th anniversary, the Brewer Science team put together and donated gift boxes filled with essential items and a few luxuries for 25 individuals and families in need in the community.

“It’s great to have reached 25 years,” Dr. Brewer told the Telegraph. “We have a slight pause now to look back and have some laughs and share memories, but then it’s (back) to moving forward.”

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