Is Predictive Maintenance Right For Your Business?

Is Predictive Maintenance Right For Your Business?
Five industries directly benefited by predictive maintenance

Brewer Science’s technically diverse expertise allows us to find solutions for a wide variety of business problems. We leverage 40 years of experience working with all kinds of different materials from the market or ones we have developed ourselves to better serve customers. We address each customer with a specific approach to their unique business needs. Frequently, printed electronics customers come to us with the desire to automate and do not know where to begin. This is where our technical expertise is required as we seek to understand our customers’ desired outcomes and offer a complete solution based on our decades of experience working with a highly diverse clientele and product range.

While most businesses could technically use and benefit from predictive maintenance, there are a few specific industries for which the splurge is most worthwhile. Essentially, any industry that requires large and valuable assets could benefit from the implementation of predictive maintenance. In such cases, the cost of repairs or new equipment would probably outweigh the installation costs of predictive maintenance systems.


Food and BeverageFood and Beverage

Alongside the goal of turning a profit, the food and beverage industry must be focused on preserving the health of its customers. If people get sick through any fault of a business in the food and beverage industry, it can be a major liability. To prevent this, food storage equipment and tools need to be running optimally. A restaurant must prioritize food safety to prevent potential lawsuits that may occur if essential equipment is not working properly. In this case, predictive maintenance is a solution worth considering. Brewer Science offers valve monitoring, a type of cutting-edge predictive maintenance that is specifically lucrative in any of the “liquid” industries.



Being a global leader in the manufacturing of advanced materials for semiconductors, smart devices, and flexible hybrid electronics, we can say with complete confidence that predictive maintenance is a necessary part of any manufacturer’s planning. Any sort of manufacturing requires large and expensive tools and equipment that are used regularly. If such equipment were to fail, an entire business that relies on manufacturing could suffer major losses, which usually outweigh the installation and operational costs of predictive maintenance technology. In a manufacturing setting there are two different types of monitoring you can implement: environmental and industrial. Environmental monitoring would include monitoring the quality, air or even moisture content to ensure the machines are performing at their optimal efficiency. You can implement industrial monitoring technologies, such as valve monitoring sensors, that can alert for potential issues or malfunctions. Brewer Science helps our customers implement them in their business through our Smart Devices and Printed Electronics Foundry.


Power & EnergyPower and Energy

The power and energy sector is probably the first industry that comes to mind when considering predictive maintenance, simply because downtime can have the most critical implications. It’s crucial that this type of technology functions properly 100% of the time, and predictive maintenance systems help make that target possible. In particular, the energy industry will benefit from increased asset efficiency if implementing predictive maintenance, which boosts profitability. Brewer Science offers industrial monitoring, a form of condition monitoring, that like predictive maintenance, ensures minimal equipment downtime and allows for optimal productivity.


Waste ManagementWaste Management

Improving asset efficiency for waste management equipment and facilities is a major game-changer for the waste and recycling industry. It’s common for this industry to struggle with keeping their employees and machinery working efficiently, while also reducing maintenance costs, time-sensitive repairs, and even the need for replacement equipment. Predictive maintenance can help keep all of these in check. Brewer Science’s environmental monitoring specifically keeps wastewater and resources in check.  


Building Maintenance SystemsBuilding Maintenance Systems

Though this one perhaps sounds a bit obscure, even buildings can benefit greatly from the implementation of predictive maintenance systems. For example, sensors can detect and display real-time data based on the building’s condition. This information is then stored in a network or database, which can be referenced to determine when maintenance should be scheduled. Through the implementation of printed electronic sensors, such as moisture sensors or temperature sensors, condition monitoring can be achieved in whichever condition you wish to monitor.


Brewer Science’s diverse experience brings innovative solutions to customers’ unique business needs. No matter the industry or the application, a talented team of engineers brings together material expertise and innovative creativity to help you achieve your business objective. Monitoring machinery functions, industrial functions, the temperature of machines or the environment, the moisture or water content, or even valve vibration can ensure you do not miss important productivity concerns and lose productivity due to downtime. To learn more about Brewer Science’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Foundry and how you can use it to implement predictive maintenance in your business, talk to an expert today.

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