InFlect™ Flex Sensor

Developmental Printed Electronics Products

InFlect™ flex sensors are a revolutionary approach to sensing that deliver highly sensitive, real-time responses to varying angles of deflection.

Flex Sensor


  • Robotics and automation
  • Flow monitoring
  • Manufacturing
  • Vibration sensing
  • Structural health monitoring, including MEMS devices/structures
  • IoT/wearables


  • Increases yield through precise monitoring of equipment position
  • Improves air flow monitoring with high-speed detection
  • Prevents equipment failure with real-time vibration monitoring
  • Easily interfaces to existing electronic systems


  • High sensitivity (~0.3%) change in resistance per degree bend
  • Gauge factor >15X that of metal strain gauge
  • Bi-directional bend sensitivity
  • Ultrafast response time to bend (< 10 ms)
  • >98% linear change in resistance vs. bend angle from +180° to -180°
  • Wide operating voltage range (4 mV to 50 V)