Presentation: 2017 Sensors Expo

Ultrafast, Highly Sensitive Printed Moisture Sensors for High-Speed Sensing Applications At the 2017 Sensors Expo & Conference that took place in San Jose, California last June, Dr. Vijaya Kayastha presented on an ultra-fast, highly sensitive printed moisture sensor developed at Brewer Science. Dr. Kayastha discussed the potential applications of these sensors that are not currently…

e-Book: Moving Forward | A Story of Sustainable Manufacturing

From its founding, Brewer Science has put a premium on creativity and innovation. These are the driving forces that have allowed it to obtain numerous patents and create products that affect millions of lives around the world. It’s also what allows Brewer Science to look beyond quarterly profits, create meaningful jobs and lead the microelectronics…

eBook: Mad About Scientists

Is your company planting seeds for future growth? Brewer Science continues to promote more skilled scientists and engineers in the American workplace through STEM. Having long recognized the need for a better education system leading toward proficiency in STEM fields. Learn how Brewer Science takes an active role in creating the spirit of entrepreneurship in the…