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Solving the Truck Driver Shortage Through AI

According to the American Trucking Association, there is a shortage of roughly 50,000 truck drivers across the country. In 2017, the ATA predicted the trucking industry would experience the highest level of driver shortfall, and by 2026 the ATA estimates the shortage could swell to over 174,000 drivers. Dr. John Kent, Clinical Associate Professor in…

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The Digital Era: Combining AI and IoT

Imagine an intelligent world where highways formulate warning messages and diversions, retail managers are alerted when a product is low in stock on shelves or cities are able to detect areas where power outages may occur before the event takes place.   As technology continues to expand and grow in new directions, artificial intelligence (AI)…

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Artificial Intelligence: Sinister or sensational?

In 1997, a feat of artificial intelligence (AI) was on international display when Deep Blue, an IBM-designed computer program, took down Garry Kasparov, a grandmaster and World Champion, at his own game: chess. What may seem like a silly publicity stunt was actually the fulfillment of decades of engineering. To most of the world, AI…

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