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Pathway of Impact: Continuous Improvement Is Key

Tom Brown, Executive Director of Manufacturing, Quality and Logistics at Brewer Science, was invited to speak at Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Chapter of National Society of Leadership and Success. He presented a topic that is instilled in our company and encouraged students to travel down a pathway of impact with his talk, “Make…

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Building a Personal Connection - Lessons of Leadership

Building a Personal Connection – Lessons of LeadershipTrust, transparency, and vulnerability are the keys to connecting with others Join Tom Brown, Executive Director of Operations at Brewer Science, as he shares inspirational leadership advice and professional growth stories. Building personal connections is a part of your daily life. It plays a vital role in your…

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Proactive Approach to Defect Reduction in the Supply Chain

Brewer Science is on the forefront of the semiconductor industry, continually seeking ways to minimize defects and increase efficiency to better serve customers with a complete solution. Continually pushing customers’ expectations to unprecedented heights, Brewer Science is recognized as an industry expert. Tom Brown, Executive Director of Manufacturing and Engineering, and Julie Ply, Director of…

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Learned R&D director (and master mimic) looks to fast-paced future

  Back in the day, Rama Puligadda came close to becoming a medical doctor, but a venture into chemistry led her down a different path. Today the native of New Delhi, India, holds an impressive three separate master’s degrees focusing on chemistry, polymer engineering/technology, and chemical engineering. But her motivation to learn hasn’t slowed. “Learning…

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Transistors are about as small as they can get. What now?

For most of the relatively brief history of modern computing, progress has been measured in shrinking by nanometers. By making transistors smaller and smaller, engineers have been able to pack more transistors on smaller chips. More transistors per chip mean faster, more powerful computers that can fit into smaller devices. These microprocessors have made possible…

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