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The Power of Fan-Out WLP to Make Better Power Electronics, and a Better World

When Americans consider who uses the most energy in our country and around the world, do they assume industry accounts for the greatest consumption? Many probably do, since Americans seem to have a lot of misconceptions about energy, including where it comes from and how it gets used. For example, people in the U.S. underestimate…

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Brewer Science technology, forecasts highlighted in Chip Scale Review

In recognition of its progress with temporary bonding and thin wafer handling, Brewer Science was featured in the November/December issue of Chip Scale Review. The feature discusses the company’s use of wafer-level packaging (WLP) technologies in semiconductor segments, including fan-out WLP (FOWLP); fan-in wafer-level chip-scale package (FI-WLCSP); 3-D FOWLP; 2.5-D integration with interposer technology; and…

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Wafer-Level Packaging and the Mobile Revolution

Back in September and this past March, Apple held its biannual Special Events. These events are meant to introduce new products and features, and they happen quite regularly. These two recent events, however, seemed to leave something out: computers. September’s presentation was over two hours long and didn’t once mention the flagship devices that put…

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