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Focusing and prioritizing what’s on your plate: 4 tips for your manufacturing team to embrace

Brewer Science embraces the employee-first culture by equipping their employees with the tools they need to be successful. To initiate our continuous manufacturing improvement initiative that started in 2014, our team had to learn how to define our focus and understand how to prioritize by level of importance within their role and within the company’s…

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Local Missouri Manufacturers Invite All to Manufacturing Day

Rolla, Mo.– Oct. 2, 2018 – Brewer Science is pleased to invite the public to learn more about Rolla manufacturers by attending a Manufacturing Day Exhibition on Oct. 9 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The event will be held in the Chat Conference Room at Brewer Science, located at 2401 Brewer…

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Manufacturers: Come back, Rosie the Riveter!

Remember WWII’s Rosie the Riveter, the strong and capable figure symbolizing real-life women who took over factory work for men fighting overseas? Manufacturers are wishing Rosie would make a comeback — and this time they’d like her to vie for a leadership position as well. Though women now make up about 47 percent of the…

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Stuffing stereotypes: This isn’t your grandpa’s manufacturing

If you work outside the manufacturing segment, you may hold old stereotypes about what “factory work” is like. Perhaps you’re picturing a poorly lit, drone-like existence in which you stare at a conveyor belt all day for low pay and little chance of advancement. Or maybe you believe the viable production jobs are now all…

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