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Finding Nano: Where Will DSA Lead Us Next?

In its constant quest to innovate, Brewer Science is continually on the cutting edge of what is next. We are currently combining directed self-assembly (DSA) and lithography to achieve sub–10 nm nanostructures. DSA uses block copolymers to generate arrays of self-assembled shapes such as lines or cylinders; the spatial arrangements of the resulting features can…

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Nano, new, and nifty: Brilliant nanotechnology gadgets still in the pipeline

Some of the latest developments in nanotechnology are enough to impress even the most brilliant scientist. For the average non-scientific consumer, the possibilities can be downright mind-blowing. The market financials are also a bit staggering. Worldwide, industry revenues are expected to grow by an annual CAGR of 17.5 percent through 2022, reaching a whopping $75.8…

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Brewer Science Inflect™ Flex Sensor

Brewer Science Inflect™ Flex Sensor InFlect™ flex sensors utilize our revolutionary carbon-based nanotechnology to deliver a highly sensitive and real-time response to varying angles of deflection.

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