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Small Molecule Analysis Testing: HPLC vs GC

Difference between Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography Chromatography is a process for separating components of a mixture for analysis. This is a component of our small molecule analysis testing and plays a critical part in Identifying and quantifying impurities. It is also crucial in screening raw materials for identification, to ensure the quality and safety…

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Learned R&D director (and master mimic) looks to fast-paced future

  Back in the day, Rama Puligadda came close to becoming a medical doctor, but a venture into chemistry led her down a different path. Today the native of New Delhi, India, holds an impressive three separate master’s degrees focusing on chemistry, polymer engineering/technology, and chemical engineering. But her motivation to learn hasn’t slowed. “Learning…

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Conquering counselor: Brewer Science researcher-turned-lawyer battles for patents

Becky Rich started her career at Brewer Science in research. But it was a fortuitous day for the company when it was able to lure her back after she returned to school to pursue her law degree. The accomplished Intellectual Property Manager won praise from Brewer Science leaders in September for the important part she…

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Laser-focused partnership: Missouri and Brewer Science bond well

When scouting out locations for commercializing his new product idea, a young Terry Brewer wanted a place where he could cultivate a well-rounded, highly creative workforce. It’s fortunate for the microelectronics world that rural Missouri turned out to be a perfect fit. Rolla-based Brewer Science, Inc. (BSI) is now a global leader in helping create…

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Transistors are about as small as they can get. What now?

For most of the relatively brief history of modern computing, progress has been measured in shrinking by nanometers. By making transistors smaller and smaller, engineers have been able to pack more transistors on smaller chips. More transistors per chip mean faster, more powerful computers that can fit into smaller devices. These microprocessors have made possible…

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