Brewer Science Expands Analytical and Application Testing Services

Brewer Science Expands Analytical and Application Testing Services

Chemical, Polymer, Trace Impurity, On-Wafer & Thin Film Characterization among many testing services company offers


Rolla, Mo. March 30, 2022Brewer Science, Inc., a global leader in developing and manufacturing next-generation materials and processes for the microelectronics and optoelectronics industries, has recently expanded its analytical and application testing services to include stand-alone chemical, polymer, trace impurity, on-wafer & thin film characterization testing services to customers – services the company has perfected through its processes for nearly four decades.


Material purity requires metrology and statistical analysis

Material purity within the industry is being pushed to unprecedented levels for many reasons, including extending the life of the products and ensuring the functionality of products within a wide range of applications. Brewer Science invests in metrology to better create customized solutions and better understand our supply chain. Our standards of materials testing and tracking are unmatched in the industry.

Concerns over additive tolerances and mixing pure materials with suppliers’ products that may not be as pure requires careful attention to statistical analysis, to measure what level of purity a material can handle before it loses its characteristics. An impurity can be required for certain reactions, thus understanding the material, and balancing that knowledge with the models and research of polymer chemists, is critical. We can not only measure the purity of materials but report on the impurities with a parts-per-trillion detection capability.

Four decades of refining testing processes led us to become a world-class manufacturer

Over 40 years of experience in chemical analysis and semiconductor application testing has allowed us to apply this expertise to not becoming a world-class manufacturer, but also apply the knowledge of defect detection to supply chain partners to elevate material purity standards.

Brewer Science offers a complete line of analytical and application testing services, specializing in semiconductor and other high-technology products, through materials characterization and contaminant reduction that we now offer to customers worldwide.

Since this is just a brief overview of our capabilities, not an exhaustive list, please contact a testing services expert to find out which services we offer will provide the most benefit to you and your company.

Analytical testing services offered:
  • Small Molecule Analysis
    • purity determination
    • impurity identification
    • structure
    • quantification
    • general profile
  • Polymer Analysis
    • accurate molecular weight and polydispersity
    • polymer conformation
    • oligomer investigation
  • Thermal Analysis
    • thermal properties
    • mechanical properties
  • Trace Metal Analysis
  • Particle Analysis
Wafer and Thin Film Testing services offered:
  • 300-mm Si Wafer Testing
  • SEM – Cross-Section and Focused Ion Beam (FIB)


To learn more about how our state-of-the-art instruments, combined with our analysts’ knowledge, experience, and skills, enable our advanced material characterization capabilities, schedule a call with a testing service expert.




About Brewer Science

Brewer Science is a global leader in developing and manufacturing next-generation materials and processes that foster the technology needed for tomorrow. Since 1981, we’ve expanded our technology portfolio within advanced lithography, advanced packaging, smart devices, and printed electronics to enable cutting-edge microdevices and unique monitoring systems for industrial, environmental, and air applications. Our relationship-focused approach provides outcomes that facilitate and deliver critical information. Our headquarters are in Rolla, Missouri, with customer support throughout the world. We invite you to learn more about Brewer Science at




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