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Permanent Bonding Materials

PermaSOL™ Materials PermaSOL™ materials address a range of needs identified for permanent bonding applications, which include low-temperature bonding, excellent chemical resistance, thermally curable bonding process and no material movement after the bonding process. Talk to An Expert Today

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WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 Materials

WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 Materials WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 temporary bonding materials enable back-end-of-line (BEOL) processing of ultrathin wafers with standard semiconductor equipment. WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 materials are organic coatings developed for temporary wafer bonding solutions for MEMS and 3-D wafer-level packaging applications. WaferBOND® HT-10.11 material enables effective bonding and support through substrate thinning…

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BrewerBUILD™ Material Series

BrewerBUILD™ Material Series The introduction of the BrewerBUILD™ material series offers an industry-wide multifunctional solution addressing the challenges associated with redistribution layer (RDL)-first/chip-last packaging in wafer- or panel-level processes. Talk to an Expert Today

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BrewerBOND® T1100/C1300 Series Materials

BrewerBOND® T1100/C1300 series materials enable our unique Dual-Layer solution for high-temperature and high-stress applications found within the semiconductor industry. BrewerBOND® T1100/C1300 Series Material Benefits Dual-Layer system with high-Tg thermoplastic and curable material Mechanical stability, no movement of bonding material, and thermal stability ≤ 400°C Low-temperature bonding (≤ 25°C) Increased throughput Increased adhesion at all interfaces…

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Wafer-Level Packaging

Next Generation Advanced Packaging Technology Brewer Science is revolutionizing wafer-level packaging with innovative thin wafer handling (TWH) technologies. Our diverse set of high-performance materials allow for higher throughput, reduction in form factor, and lower cost. We work with leading equipment vendors to provide fully automated solutions for high-volume needs. Talk to an Expert Today

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