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Finding Nano: Where Will DSA Lead Us Next?

In its constant quest to innovate, Brewer Science is continually on the cutting edge of what is next. We are currently combining directed self-assembly (DSA) and lithography to achieve sub–10 nm nanostructures. DSA uses block copolymers to generate arrays of self-assembled shapes such as lines or cylinders; the spatial arrangements of the resulting features can…

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International Symposium on DSA

November 11-13, 2018 Sapporo Park Hotel Sapporo, Japan     Brewer Science will attend the 4th International Symposium on DSA in Sapporo, Japan. Directed self-assembly (DSA) is rapidly advancing as a potential patterning solution for advanced lithography. The 4th International Symposium on DSA will be organized as a collaborative effort between EIDEC, imec, CEA-Leti, and…

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Brewer Science's New OptiLign™ DSA Product Family Provides a Cost-Effective Alternative for Advanced-Node Wafer Patterning

Rolla, Missouri – Feb. 27, 2018 – Brewer Science, Inc., today from SPIE Advanced Lithography 2018 introduced its OptiLign™ commercial-quality directed self-assembly (DSA) material set developed in collaboration with Arkema. The OptiLign™ system currently includes three materials required for self-assembly: block copolymers, neutral layers and guiding layers. Developed together for optimal performance, these DSA materials…

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From the Bottom Up: Making More Room with Selective Surface Modification

Richard Feynman, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965, gave a famous lecture titled “There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom.” Today’s microelectronics process engineer, in the context of conventional top down lithography, would find it difficult to accept this statement without a long list of caveats. Aggressive scaling demands for newer generations…

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Futuristic Approach with Directed Self-Assembly

Now that Brewer Science is leading the charge in improving directed self-assembly (DSA) technology, products such as semiconductors, computer hard drives, and drug therapies can benefit from new manufacturing methods that can make complex structures as small as 7 nanometers. The technology allows for higher product volumes and lower costs than in the past, all…

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DSA: How far we've come and how much farther is left to go

To the average consumer, the path of new technology looks pretty linear. A cool new concept emerges, scientists figure out how to manufacture it, and pretty soon consumers can find it in a product. But people who work in technology know that’s hardly ever the case. On September 9th, Darron Jurajda, the Brewer Science Semiconductor…

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Directed Self-Assembly: From the Top-Down to the Bottom-Up

In previous posts, we’ve made references to Moore’s law and how, with uncanny accuracy, it has predicted that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit (IC) would double approximately every two years. The semiconductor industry has tirelessly chased Moore's law ever since it was first coined in the 1970s, but as ICs have…

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Creating the future: The next generation of directed self-assembly

Semiconductors created from silicon make the magic of modern electronics possible by creating a platform for the complex processes that allow engineers to fabricate a staggering number of transistors on microchips. Advances in microprocessor technology have largely relied on the ability to make smaller and smaller transistors. Directed self-assembly (DSA) is a chemistry-based patterning process…

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