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Missouri Tech & Innovation Virtual Summit

Dan Brewer will be presenting, "Driving Global Technology Advancements from Missouri" : Aug 19th at 1:10pmCT. Missouri is projected to be a top state for tech job growth in the coming decade. This inaugural event — organized by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry — will unleash the potential of the Missouri Technology Alliance…

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Diversity Breeds Innovation, and We’ll Showcase Both at IMAPS

  Since our inception, Brewer Science has been strongly committed to cultivating diversity. And we do so for one primary reason: a broad range of backgrounds leads to better ideas and more innovation. But diversity in and of itself isn’t enough; we seek out truly unique talent that will bring the right mix of education,…

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Anniversary of innovation: Brewer Science celebrates 35 years

It started with a scientist in a block building located in rural Missouri, forging forward on a shoestring budget out of belief in one groundbreaking idea. Since then, Brewer Science has invented multiple products and processes that have furthered the microelectronics industry, created jobs, and generated economic value to the region, the state, and national…

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The few, the proud, the disruptors: Brewer Science joins ranks of game changers

One of the buzzwords in manufacturing is “disruptive technology.” Like many buzzwords, the phrase is starting to be generically applied; many now use it to describe anything new or innovative. But that’s not really accurate: Truly disruptive inventions go a step beyond the fresh and new to actually displace an existing market, industry or technology.…

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Creativity and imagination: How Brewer Science products are conceived and developed

Dr. Terry Brewer and his cohorts founded Brewer Science with an extraordinary idea, and through the years that tradition of continual experimentation, innovation and the pushing of boundaries has become a major component of the company’s success. A company culture that encourages and supports new ideas from multiple sources — including the minds of any…

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Maker Faire

August 25, 2018 The White River Conference Center Springfield, Missouri   Description: Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and love sharing what they can do. From engineers to scientist, Maker Fair is a venue for “makers” to show hobbies, experiments and projects and get inspired! Make sure to visit…

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May 23-24, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium     Description: ITF BELGIUM will explore the nano & digital technologies behind game-changing innovations. Gain exclusive insights into R&D roadmaps & perspectives of tech leaders from around the globe at ITF BELGIUM. Learn more about this upcoming conference here.

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News roundup: How scientists and engineers are tackling the hurricane aftermath

More than two months after hurricanes Irma and Harvey battered the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, the U.S. continues to struggle with remediating the destruction. At times like this, the world relies heavily on scientists and engineers for the brainpower and expertise needed to address the huge problems that result. The scientific community is…

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Transistors are about as small as they can get. What now?

For most of the relatively brief history of modern computing, progress has been measured in shrinking by nanometers. By making transistors smaller and smaller, engineers have been able to pack more transistors on smaller chips. More transistors per chip mean faster, more powerful computers that can fit into smaller devices. These microprocessors have made possible…

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Inventors' Day roundup: Some of the coolest consumer innovations of 2016

Since 1983, Inventors’ Day has been used as an excuse for classrooms across the nation to stage fun experiments. This year’s Inventors’ Day, set for Feb. 11, will likely be no exception. Established by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, the annual event honors all inventors and entrepreneurs across the world. But it specifically commemorates the…

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